Conviction Alternatives

Drug Court: Drug court is an alternative to criminal court for many drug related cases. Drug court focuses on rehabilitation. Not everyone is qualified for drug court. However, Tanya M. Dugree knows who will qualify and if this court could benefit you in your specific situation. Often times, participation in drug court can help the accused avoid prison. Often times, if a person opts to participate in and successfully completes a drug program and/or drug probation, the charges may be dismissed, or result in no conviction. If you receive no conviction, you may also be eligible for sealing your records. Contact Tanya M. Dugree to discuss whether or not drug court is right for you.

Intervention Programs: You may be eligible to participate in a pre-trial diversion program. Pre-trial diversion programs are not offered to everyone. Tanya M. Dugree will advocate for an intervention program if you are eligible under Florida law. A pre-trial diversion program allows you to participate in a probation type of supervision without pleading guilty to your charges. If you successfully complete a pre-trial intervention program, your charges are dismissed. You may also seal and/or expunge your arrest record. Tanya M. Dugree can evaluate your case to determine if an intervention program is right for you.

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