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We will protect your rights and defend your liberty. Tanya M. Dugree, P.A. protects your privacy, fights for your freedom, and responds to your questions, concerns and needs. An arrest can have serious and permanent consequences. Therefore, you should consult with an attorney. At every stage of the criminal process, you have legal rights. Call Tanya M. Dugree today for your free consultation. We work for you. First, we plead you not guilty. Then we demand that the State to give us all the evidence they intend to use against you. We will look at all the evidence and devise a plan to best defend your freedom. We believe in filing motions, litigating the legality of searches and seizures, and going to trial. We will do whatever it takes to defend your case to the best of our abilities. We utilize the best investigators and doctors to defend your case. Investigators and doctors are available on a case-by-case basis and will be discussed if relevant to defending your case.

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    Tanya Dugree will PROTECT your RIGHTS & DEFEND your LIBERTY!

      All of Tanya Dugree's experience is in defending cases, not prosecuting them.

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